Those who do not pass the review of cashing and do not pass

Those who do not pass the review of cashing and do not pass

In order to use caching, you must go through the examination at the time of application.


There are people who break through the examination without problems, but there are people who may get NG at the review of cashing.


Even those who are not experienced as social workers can easily receive loans by clearing the review of cashing.


Who is easy to clear the review of cashing?


Criteria for screening vary depending on the financial company, but those with longer service years are more advantageous.


In the review of cashing, the person who always works for one company estimates the repayment ability highly than the person who is walking around various companies.


Whether there is stable income or not is also emphasized, not only the number of years of service but employment type is also a judgment material.


It is judged that the status is more stable if you are working as a regular employee than a worker working part-time or part.


People who change jobs one by one are negative in the review of cashing.


To appreciate those who have consistent monthly earnings, those who change their work rapidly are considered high risk.


As a thing that negatively affects the examination, it is whether or not you borrow money from another financial company.


Since only loans can be used only within the scope of the total amount regulation, up to 1/3 of the annual income can be borrowed.